Gluten-free Super Bowl Eats

Happy Thursday! Friday is almost here which means the weekend isn’t far off. I’ll be honest – I completely forgot that the Superbowl was this weekend. We don’t really watch football (or even have cable for that matter) and really, the Superbowl has always been about the beer and the food for me. And the commercials.

Superbowl parties usually have a ton of gluten-filled food, here are some gluten-free snacks to consider making or bringing to your party:

– tortilla chips + salsa & guacamole
– veggies with hummus or green goddess dip
gluten-free crackers and dips
coconut energy truffles to keep your stamina up for all that cheering…and beer drinking

Savory Sides
– a yummy brussel sprout salad
vegan baked beans
roasted brussel sprouts

Main Dishes
vegan stuffed shells
vegan veggie lasagna
– vegetarian chili
lentil soup

Sweet Stuff
– vegan mexican hot chocolate
apple cinnamon roll muffins
– s’mores with gluten-free graham crackers

What to Drink
peach basil margaritas
– gluten-free beers like Bards and Greens (my favorite)
– wine! always.

Here a few links to other gluten-free friendly and healthy Superbowl snacks:
– these dips & nachos from Ashley
– these healthy eats from Brittany
– Mama Pea’s nacho bites
– Some more healthy dips over at Fitsugar

Anyone have any big plans for the Superbowl? The husband will be working what is sure to be an insane shift and I will probably be deep in the black hole that is photo editing.


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