A Day in Photos

Even though we don’t celebrate Easter, we use the holiday to have a family get together.  We usually go over to my parent’s on Sunday for dinner and the tradition continued today.  Don’t worry – I will have a super yummy recipe later this week but for now – enjoy the feast!

Chips and salsa – always the perfect appetizer!

Gluten-free beer: Daura

Heeeeey little bug

Grilled jalapeno poppers: jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and white cheddar then wrapped in bacon.  I could eat a billion of these, easy.

Goofy, goofy dog.


Carne asada – mmmm soooo good!

Carne asada tacos and homemade beans. I could eat a giant bowl of those beans everyday for the rest of my life.

My contribution to the feast – capirotata! Capirotata is a mexican bread pudding with apples, bananas, raisins, and nuts (cashews here) smothered in a brown sugar cinnamon sauce.

Full and happy! I’m squishing Brad’s face quite a bit – oops!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


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