Quick Hello

I just had to share what I made over at my parent’s house tonight – homemade corn tortillas!! They are super simple and extremely delicious, I have no idea why I haven’t done this before. I apologize for the crappy pictures – they were taken with my cell phone.

Start with some corn masa.







Add water and knead until you have a lovely corn dough ball. Then roll said dough ball into smaller dough balls and cover with a damp cloth.







Roll out dough balls into circles or smoosh (the technical term) them into rounds. INVEST IN TORTILLA PRESS. Seriously, do it. I know I’m going to.








Cook tortillas with butter on a hot griddle. See?! Invest in the press that way your tortillas don’t look like Eastern European countries.








Eat with a heaping bowl of beef posole. Yum!


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